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Good communication is at the heart of all successful organizations. But with cyberthreats on the rise, communicating and collaborating safely requires channels that are completely secure. It's vital to have a stringent set of security measures in place, such as Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) protocol combined with digital certificates, for data encryption, message integrity and non-repudiation of message origin. But, implementing and maintaining the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for the deployment of digital certificates can be complex and time-consuming. Even more so when the security for email needs to be constant and seamless across a dynamic organization. The DigiCert ® PKI Platform for S/MIME includes S/MIME key escrow service, certificate lifecycle management and the trusted DigiCert Certificate Authority (CA). It provides centralized email administration and recovery with secure key escrow, automated deployment of digital certificates, and flexible configuration and enrollment methods. Your authorized users can be quickly set up to digitally sign and encrypt email communications across all corporate approved devices. Business applications are easily integrated with email security, making secure communications and user authentication a natural part of doing business. And as you will be using a proven, scalable platform, you can meet the demands of a growing organization without placing any extra strain on your IT department. DigiCert ® PKI Platform Seamlessly Secure Email Communications Across Your Enterprise Deploy and administer digital certificates for S/MIME effortlessly Who is DigiCert? DigiCert is the premier provider of high assurance digital certificates, simplifying PKI-based security solutions for business of all sizes. We're experts in encrypting sensitive data, ensuring secure communications, and providing identity authentication and customizable certificate management solutions. • 2.0+ Billion device certificates issued to date • 89% of Fortune 500 companies • 97 of the world's 100 largest banks • 93% of encrypted global ecommerce transactions • 28.9 billion certificate status verification through OCSP daily 1

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