The Top 5 Challenges You'll Face as an SSL Manager

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COMMON CHALLENGES IN ENTERPRISE SSL The Top 5 Challenges You'll Face as an SSL Manager With the ever-growing number of connected devices, online portals, and internal networks that enterprises manage, the number of use cases for digital certificates to secure information communicated between devices and users is rapidly increasing. It is not unusual for enterprises to have thousands (even millions) of SSL certificates in use. Certificates provide essential security and trust for organizations of any scale, but they do not come maintenance- free. Tracking and renewing expiring certificates, dealing with potential vulnerabilities, and managing all stages of a certificate's lifecycle can be extremely complicated, resulting in costly consequences if not done properly. Fortunately, you're not alone in the daunting task of SSL management, and since DigiCert understands the complications involved, we've drawn out some answers to a few of the most common problems SSL IT professionals deal with daily. 1. Keeping up with Vulnerabilities SSL certificates can be vulnerable for various reasons—they could have missing fields, use internal names, be using an outdated hashing algorithm, or have weak cypher suites compromising SSL endpoints. Vulnerabilities are inevitable in any security landscape, and it can get overwhelming to keep track of everything. An SSL manager needs something that can stay on top of any new bugs and weaknesses that come up. With Certificate Inspector, a tool in our certificate management platform CertCentral, you can easily scan for weaknesses in configuration. If one or more certificates is compromised by any vulnerability, Certificate Inspector will also provide remediation suggestions so you can maintain the highest level of network security. 2. Discovering all Certificates in Your Network Manually gathering details about your certificates one by one to check that everything is in order is not practical for enterprises with thousands of certs. This is why companies often don't have a good handle on how many certificates they have, where they are installed, or if they are still functioning correctly. However, with an automated tool for certificate discovery, you can easily know about all the certificates in your network. DigiCert Certificate Inspector not only finds vulnerabilities, it tracks and discovers all certificates issued for your domain by any CA. After running a scan, Certificate Inspector inputs all certificate details into a dashboard where you can view your entire certificate landscape, as well as any issues it may have.

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