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across numerous subdomains (e.g., * would secure,, etc.) CLIENT (S/MIME) Encrypt email communications, digitally sign documents and emails, and authenticate users to a server. Client certificates can also be used as an enhanced security measure beyond simple user validation, in case usernames and passwords are misplaced or stolen. CODE SIGNING Increase trust and avoid warning messages that tell users your software isn't secure by verifying the source and integrity of your application. Supports Microsoft Authenticode, Office VBA, Adobe AIR, Apple's Mac OS, Mozilla objects, and other major platforms. EV CODE SIGNING Combine the benefits of standard code signing with a rigorous EV process. Microsoft's SmartScreen ® Application Reputation filter reduces warning messages, increasing brand reputation and end-user trust. DOCUMENT SIGNING Assure recipients the document is coming from you and hasn't been altered. Simply click on the signing functionality in any preferred editing software and it's done. Supports Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and LibreOffice documents. DigiCert SSL Products Choose the right certificate for your organization. STANDARD SSL Get authentication and encryption for one domain ( This certificate is ideal if your business has a small number of domains. Secures and EXTENDED VALIDATION (EV) Increase customer confidence and conversions with the highest level of authentication. EV gives you all the benefits of Standard SSL, plus a recognizable green URL that lists your company name. This certificate is ideal if you need the highest level of customer trust. MULTI-DOMAIN (SAN) A Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificate allows you to do what its name implies: secure multiple domains. This flexibility is ideal if you need to secure multiple names across different domains, including Microsoft Exchange and OSC environments. EV MULTI-DOMAIN Combine the flexibility of multi-domain certificates with EV security. An enterprise can have the branded green address bar on up to 250 subdomains with a single certificate, increasing your site's credibility and customer trust. WILDCARD Unlike Multi-Domain (SAN), DigiCert Wildcard Certificates allow you to secure only one domain, but with an unlimited number of first-level subdomains. This is ideal if you're managing multiple sites hosted SSL PRODUCT OVERVIEW You have a variety of options when it comes to buying an SSL/TLS certificate. How do you know you're choosing the right one? Don't fear, by the time you're done reading this product description, you'll know which certificate to select for your current need.

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