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Compatibility of DigiCert Trusted Root Certificates

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© 2016 DigiCert, Inc. All rights reserved. DigiCert is a registered trademark of DigiCert, Inc. in the USA and elsewhere. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. COMPATIBILITY OF DIGICERT TRUSTED ROOT CERTIFICATES Compatibility of DigiCert Trusted Root Certificates DigiCert's Trusted Root Certificates are compatible with all of the top browsers and platforms. Listed below are overall ubiquity percentages for these Roots followed by the minimum versions required for compatibility. Note that root embedding agreements exist within the indicated platforms below the chart. BROWSER/ OS/PLATFORM DIGICERT'S GLOBAL ROOT CA, HIGH ASSURANCE EV ROOT CA, & ASSURED ID ROOT CA DIGICERT BALTIMORE ROOT (BALTIMORE CYBERTRUST ROOT) Overall Ubiquity in All Browsers >99.7% >99.75% Android 1.1+ 1.1+ Chrome & Chromium 4.0+ 4.0+ Mozilla Firefox 2.0+ 2.0+ MS Internet Explorer 7.0+ 6.0+ Microsoft Edge All All Opera 10.0+ 10.0+ Apple OSX (Safari/Chrome for OSX) 10.6+ 10.5+ Apple iOS (Safari/Chrome for iOS) 4.0+ 4.0+ UC Browser 3.4+ 3.4+ Java 1.4.2 1.4.1 Adobe Approved Trust List* ARM Devices * The DigiCert Assured ID Root CA supports document signing as part of the Adobe Approved Trust List program. ** Root embedding agreements exist with Blackberry/RIM, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Nintendo, Nokia, Oracle, Qualcomm, Sony, and others. Debian 5.0+

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