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Document Signing: The Benefits & How It Works

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Document Signing: The Benefits & How It Works Document signing certificates allow you to add a digital signature to a document to prove the identity of the sender. This signature ensures you that the document hasn't been altered, and that you can trust its contents. Unlike an e-signature, a digital signature is virtually impossible to forge. Sign All Document Types You'll be able to sign documents in top programs, including Microsoft Office ® , Adobe ® Acrobat and Adobe Reader, LibreOffice ® , and OpenOffice ® . Make Documents Legally Binding When you sign documents with DigiCert Document Signing, they comply with the U.S. Federal ESIGN Act and assorted international laws. Add a Layer of Security Document signing is more secure than typical e-signatures because it requires both a password and an encrypted USB token, often called two-factor authentication. Avoid Expiration Your digital signature never expires. If the document is changed at any point, the recipient will be notified. Your digital signatures can also be timestamped to increase security. Document Signing How Document Signing Works What Does a Digital Signature Look Like? 1 DigiCert sends USB with pre-installed certificate Open Adobe Acrobat, MS Office, OpenOffice or LibreOffice and follow the prompts Document is signed

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